Record Shack Records
The Most Famous UK 80s Hi-Nrg Label Founded By Jeff Weston.
This was a shop before it became a label, and only started with
Hi-Nrg in 1982, and after 1987 it mostly delt with licensing of songs.

Formed 1981
Closed: 1998

Contact Info:
12 Berwick Street

Scherrie Payne
I'm Not In Love (Girl, You're In Love)
SOHOT 2 Tony Simmons I Can't Let You Go
SOHOT 3 B.T. Express Featuring William Robinson This Must Be The Night (Remix)
SOHOT 4 Elixia Soho Phaze
SOHOT 5 Ashaye Electricity
SOHOT 6 Miquel Brown So Many Men, So Little Time
SOHOT 7 Square Department Love Me
SOHOT 8 Earlene Bentley The Boys Come To Town
SOHOT 9 Eastbound Expressway Primitive Desire
SOHOT 10 Ashaye Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
SOHOT 11 Eartha Kitt Where Is My Man
SOHOT 12 Laura Pallas Skiing In The Snow
SOHOT 13 Break Machine Street Dance
  SOHOT 14 Earlene Bentley I'm Living My Own Life
  SOHOT 15 Miquel Brown He's A Saint, He's A Sinner
  SOHOT 16 Laura Pallas Emergency
  SOHOT 17 Miquel Brown So Many Men, So Little Time (Phased)
  SOHOT 18 Evelyn Thomas High Energy
  SOHOT 19 Eastbound Expressway Frantic Love (Theme From Ear-Say)
  SOHOT 20 Break Machine Break Dance Party
  SOHOT 21 Eartha Kitt I Love Men
  SOHOT 22 Seventh Avenue I Hear Thunder
  SOHOT 23 Earlene Bentley Caught In The Act
  SOHOT 24 Break Machine Are You Ready (Special Re-Mixed Version)
  SOHOT 25 Evelyn Thomas Masquerade
  SOHOT 26 Steve Grant Run For Cover
  SOHOT 27 Miquel Brown Black Leather
  SOHOT 28 Barbara Pennington All American Boy
  SOHOT 29 Laura Pallas Hands Off
  SOHOT 30 Evelyn Thomas Heartless
  SOHOT 31 Marsha Raven Doctor D.J.
  SOHOT 32 Earlene Bentley Featuring Sylvester Stargazing
  SOHOT 33 Barbara Pennington Way Down Deep In My Soul / All American Boy (Remix)
  SOHOT 34 Village People Sex Over The Phone
  SOHOT 35 Samantha Gilles Let Me Feel It
  SOHOT 36 Music Academy Ringing The Bell
  SOHOT 37 Barbara Pennington Fan The Flame
  SOHOT 38 David Christie Medley
  SOHOT 39 Village people New York City
  SOHOT 40 April Jaffe Boys Come And Go
  SOHOT 41 Evelyn Thomas Sorry, Wrong Number
  SOHOT 42 Seventh Avenue Ending Up On A High
  SOHOT 43 Marsha Raven Stranger In Disguise
  SOHOT 44 Steve Rodway Keep On Walking
  SOHOT 45 Valerie Claire I'm A Model (Tonight's The Night)
  SOHOT 46 Steve Grant Conviction
  SOHOT 47 Geoff Deane & The Tropical Fish Holiday-In
  SOHOT 48 Miquel Brown Close To Perfection
  SOHORT 48 Miquel Brown Close To Perfection / So Many Men So Little Time (Medley)
  SOHOT 49 Barbara Pennington On A Crowded Street
  SOHOT 50 Plaza Moving On
  SOHOT 51 Village People Medley 1985 / |Y.M.C.A. (U.S. Remix)
  SOHOT 52 Carol Jiani Vanity
  SOHOT 53 Evelyn Thomas Reflections
  SOHOT 54 Plaza Don't Look Back
  SOHOT 55 Barbara Pennington Out Of The Darkest Night
  SOHOT 56 Seventh Avenue Love's gone Mad
  SOHOT 57 Fantasy He's number One
  SOHOT 58 Lewis Berry What Am I Gonna Do About It
  SOHOT 58 Jean Shy & The Shy Guys Someday I'll Go To Africa
  SOHOT 59 Miquel Brown On The Radio
  SOHOT 60 Evelyn Thomas Cold Shoulder
  SOHOT 61 Eartha Kitt This Is My Life
  SOHOT 62 Evelyn Thomas How Many Hearts
  SOHOT 63 Miquel Brown One Way Street / Love Reputation
  SOHOT 64 Les Lee I'm The One You Want
  SOHOT 65 Do Piano Again (Remix)
  SOHOT 66 V.H.F. Very High Frequency
  SOHOT 67 Seventh Avenue No Mans Land / Ending Up On A High
  SOHOT 68 Starlight If I Had Money
  SOHOT 69 Boys Town Gang Remember Me / Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  SOHOT 70 Plaza Don't Look Back
  SOHOT 71 Propaganda For Frankie (P4F) P. Machinery Medley With Relax
  SOHOT 72    
  SOHOT 73 Sandie Nine Number One Lover
  SOHOT 74 Sandie Nine Let's Work it Out
  SOHOT 75 V.H.F. Love In The Night
  SOHOT 76 Shy Rose Only Men / I Cry For You
  SOHOT 100 Evelyn Thomas Cold Shoulder (Remixes)
  SOHOT 101 Miquel Brown / B.B. & Q. Band / Barbara Pennington / Fatback Medley Mix
  SOHOLP 1 Miquel Brown ManPower
  SOHOLP 2 Eartha Kitt I Love Men
  SOHOLP 3 Break Machine Break Machine
  SOHOLP 4 Evelyn Thomas High Energy
  SOHOLP 5 Village People New York City
  SOHOLP 6 Space The Very Best Of Space
  SOHOLP 7 Jean Shy Tough Enough
  SOHOLP 8 Miquel Brown Close To Perfection
  SOHOLP 9 Barbara Pennington Out Of The Darkest Night
  SOHOLP 10 Evelyn Thomas Standing At The Crossroads
  KICK T1 Chris & Glenn Diamond Lights
  RSTV 1 Various Record Shack Presents Volume One
  RSPV 2 Various Record Shack Presents Volume Two
  RSPV 3 Various Record Shack Presents Volume Three