Proto Records
UK-based Hi-NRG label Formed By Barry Evangeli.

Formed 1982
Closed: 1986 (Although the name was re-used as a distributor until 1996)

Contact Info:
The Proto Record Company
7 Kentish Town Road

ENAT 101
Arlene Duncan
I Wanna Groove
ENAT 102 Master Jam Dancin' All Night
ENAT 103    
ENAT 104 Goldie Alexander Knocking Down Love
ENAT 105 American Fade I'm Alive (Let's Move On)
ENAT 106    
ENAT 107 Blinky Boy Everybody
ENAT 108 Master Jam Freak With You
ENAT 109 Hazell Dean Searchin' (I Gotta Find A Man)
ENAT 110    
ENAT 111 Lafleur Boogie Nights
  ENAT 112 The Broads Sing Sing Sing  
  ENAT 113 Slip Don't Leave Me This Way  
  ENAT 114 Hazell Dean Evergreen / Jealous Love  
  ENAT 115 Ramming Speed When You Walk In The Room  
  ENAT 116 Hazell Dean Stay In My Life  
  ENAT 117 Andy Paul Anna Mari-Elena  
  ENAT 118 Divine You Think You're A Man  
  ENAT 119 Hazell Dean Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)  
  ENAT 120 Fancy Slice Me Nice / Come Inside  
  ENAT 121 Divine I'm So Beautiful  
  ENAT 122 Hazell Dean Back In My Arms (Once Again)  
  ENAT 123 Hazell Dean No Fool (For Love)  
  ENAT 124 Legear Crashin' Down  
  ENAT 125 Divine Walk Like A Man  
  ENAT 126      
  ENAT 127 Divine Twistin' The Night Away  
  ENAT 128 Mirage No More No War  
  ENAT 129 Data Stop / Blow  
  ENAT 130 Mike Smith Medley  
  ENAT 131 Divine Hard magic  
  ENAT 132 Divine You Think You're A... Medley  
  ENAT 133 Data Ricocheted Love / In Blue D.J.  
  PROTO 1 Various Twelve Inches Of Pleasure  
  PROTO 2 Various Twelve Inches Of Pleasure Volume 2  
  PROTO 3 Divine The Story So Far...