Nightmare Records
UK 80s Hi-Nrg Label Founded By Ian Levine.

Formed 1986
Closed: 1989

Contact Info:
36 Oldberry Road

Evelyn Thomas
MARE 2 Darryl Pandy Animal Magnetism
MARE 3 Man Two Man Who Knows What Evil
MARE 4 Earlene Bentley Don't Delay
MARE 5 Miquel Brown Footprints In The Snow
MARE 6 James & Susan Wells Love's The Cure For Me
MARE 7 Viola Wills & Noel Mccalla Take One Step Forward
MARE 8 Barbara Pennington Don't Stop The World
MARE 9 Linda Taylor Every Waking Hour
MARE 10 Shezwae Powell Act Of War
MARE 11 Midnight Sunrise Featuring Jackie Rawe In At The Deep End
MARE 12 Celena Duncan Faster Than The Eye Can See
MARE 13 Steve Mancha Standing In Line
  MARE 14 Grace Kennedy Take It Or Leave It  
  MARE 15 Milton Brown Falling From A Great Height  
  MARE 16 Archie Bell & The Drells Look Back Over Your Shoulder  
  MARE 17 Moonstone Meet Me Halfway  
  MARE 18 Susan Wells My Hands Are Tied
  MARE 19 Man Two Man Hard-Hitting Love
  MARE 20 Nicci Gable Indian Giver  
  MARE 21 Earlene Bentley I Got You Covered  
  MARE 22 James Wells Great Minds Think Alike  
  MARE 23 Louise Thomas Double Vision  
  MARE 24 Scott Stryker Less Than Lovers More Than Friends  
  MARE 25 Seventh Avenue Armed Robbery  
  MARE 26 Kim Weston Signal Your Intention  
  MARE 27 Darryl Pandy Put My Love On The Line  
  MARE 28 The Velvelettes Needle In A Haystack  
  MARE 29 Carol Jiani Turning My Back And Walking Away  
  MARE 30 Marv Johnson & Carolyn Gill Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing  
  MARE 31 Evelyn Thomas Standing At The Crossroads  
  MARE 32 Sharon Dee Clarke Past, Present & Future  
  MARE 33 Mary Wells Don't Burn Your Bridges  
  MARE 34 Shezwae Powell Backtrack  
  MARE 35 Celena Duncan Questions & Answers
  MARE 36 Midnight Sunrise This Is A Haunted House  
  MARE 37 Milton Brown A Winner Never Quits  
  MARE 38 Rob Keane Perfect Opportunity  
  MARE 39 Mary Wilson Don't Get Mad, Get Even  
  MARE 40 Croisette Wasted Nights  
  MARE 41 Marsha Raven That Jealous Sensation  
  MARE 42 Norma Lewis Suprise Me Tonight  
  MARE 43 Moonstone Spring Summer Autumn Winter  
  MARE 44 Sharon Dee Clarke Awesome  
  MARE 45 Rob Keane One Night Stand  
  MARE 46 Havana Satisfy My Desire
  MARE 47 Seventh Avenue The Right Combination
  MARE 48 Evelyn Thomas No Win Situation
  MARE 49 Barbara Pennington There Are Brighter Days  
  MARE 50 Steve Mancha Hopelessly  
  MARE 51 Marv Johnson By Hook Or By Crook  
  MARE 52 Shezwae Powell Ain't No Mountain High Enough  
  MARE 53 Brenda Holloway Give Me A Little Inspiration  
  MARE 54 Croisette You're A Time Waster  
  MARE 55 Kim Weston Helpless  
  MARE 56 Seventh Avenue The Love I Lost  
  MARE 57 Scott Stryker Science Fiction  
  MARE 58 Monica Reed Out Of Control  
  MARE 59 Jimmy Ruffin Wake Me Up When It's Over  
  MARE 60 The Velvelettes Running Out Of Luck  
  MARE 61 Eastbound Expressway Whiplash  
  MARE 62 Louise Thomas I Can Fly  
  MARE 63 Jigsaw Let's Not Say Goodbye  
  MARE 64 Lily Savage Tough At The Top  
  MARE 65 Evelyn Thomas Only Once In A Lifetime  
  MARE 66 Carol Woods Never Satisfied  
  MARE 67 Desiderata Heart Of Glass  
  MARE 68 Midnight Sunrise Goodbye Good Riddance  
  MARE 69 Barbara Pennington I've Been A Bad Girl  
  MARE 70 Gee Morris This Old Heart Of Mine  
  MARE 71 Sharon Dee Clarke I Can't Stay Mad At You  
  MARE 72 Kim Weston Who's Gonna have The Last Laugh  
  MARE 73 Jimmy Ruffin & Brenda Holloway On The Rebound  
  MARE 74 Laura Pallas Revenge Is Sweet  
  MARE 75 Celena Duncan Running For The Moon  
  MARE 76 Croisette Do You Know The Wat To San Jose  
  MARE 77 Seventh Avenue Standing By Your Side  
  MARE 78 Brenda Reid & The New Exciters Reaching For The Best  
  MARE 79 Miquel Brown This Time It's Real  
  MARE 80 Evelyn Thomas This Is Madness  
  MARE 81 Jigsaw Strategy  
  MARE 82 Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers Do Unto Others  
  MARE 83 Pearly Gates One Less Bell To Answer  
  MARE 84 Kevin Moore You Spin My World Around  
  MARE 85 Scherrie Payne Pure Energy  
  MARE 86 The Flirtations Back On My Feet Again  
  MARE 87 Moonstone The Visitors  
  MARE 88 The Nightmare Orchestra Street Symphony  
  MARE 89 Barbara Randolph I Got A Feeling  
  MARE 90    
  MARE 91 Eddie Holman Whatever Happened To Our Melody
  MARE 92 The Elgins Heaven Must Have Sent You  
  MARE 93      
  MARE 94 Choker Campbell Afer Dark  
  MARE 95 Boys Town Gang Wanted For Murder  
  MARE 96 C.P. Spencer One Heart For Hire  
  MARE 97 The Andantes Lightning Never Strikes Twice  
  MARE 98 Angie Gold Right Back In The Middle  
  MARE 99 Richard Popcorn Wylie Love Is My Middle Name  
  MARE 100      
  MARE 101      
  MARE 102 Sylvia Moy Major Investment  
  MARE 103 Chuck Jackson All Over The World  
  MARE 104 Hattie Littles Running A Fever  
  MARE 105 Marv Johnson Run Like A Rabbit  
  MARE 106 Ivy Jo Hunter Eyewitness News  
  MARE 107      
  MARE 108      
  MARE 109      
  MARE 110 Frankie Gaye & Kim Weston It Takes Two  
  MARE 111 Bobby Glenn Bad Connection  
  MARE 112      
  MARE 113 Rocq-E-Harrell My Heart Keeps Beating Faster  
  MARE 114      
  MARE 115 Caroline Crawford Timeless  
  MARE 116 The Velvelettes Pull My Heartstrings  
  MARE 117 Earl Van Dyke Detroit City  
  CDMARE 1 Various That Nightmare Sound Volume 1
  MARELP 2 Various That Nightmare Sound Volume 2  
  MARELP 3 Various That Nightmare Sound Volume 3  
  MARELP 4 Various That Nightmare Sound Volume 4  
  MARELP 5 Various That Nightmare Sound Volume 5  
  MARELP 6 Seventh Avenue The Love I Lost  
  MARELP 9 Various That Nightmare Sound Volume 6