This site's mission is to create a full historical archive for the Hi-nrg music genre, the songs, labels, other info such as magazine pages, interviews ect.

Besides catalogueing every single Hi-nrg record ever created, we want to obtain exact copies of them (a & b sides) in mp3. Each entry will be fully described, with as much detail as we can possibly find.
Please note the Archive is not looking to share or distribute copyrighted music
And we don't only store the music themselves either. You'll also find many additional files to download, such as record covers, magazine scans.

This is an incredibly large task (it took tens of thousands of hours so far), but it has proven very worthwhile and we want to keep doing it forever.
Thanks to all the contributions made over time, to get the archive in this state.


The first thing would be to assist with missing titles, apart from that, we would be grateful if you could provide missing information. For example, we don't know the full name of some titles, the label or year of publication.

Likewise, we are looking for record scan's and magazine scan's.

For each of the above type of items please drop us an email

If you contributed to or hold the copyright of any hi-nrg music, or If you know of people who produced or remixed hi-nrg music, please let them get in touch. We're very interested in their opinions and are known to be responsive to copyright holders.