Fantasia Records
UK 80s Hi-Nrg Label owned and operated
by legendary producer Ian Anthony Stephens.

Formed 1985
Closed: 1988

FTA X 101
Paul Parker
Don't Play With Fire / Without Your Love (I'm Never Gonna Make It)
FTA X 102 Lisa Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
FTA X 103 Chantelle Make Me Believe In You
FTA X 104 Debbie Jacobs Featuring Jo-Lo In The Heat Of The Night
FTA X 105 Marianna The Big Hurt (Remix) / Just One More Touch
FTA X 106 Lisa Tempt Me / Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart/Love Suite (Remix)
FTA X 107 Frankie Johnson Jnr Whenever You Call Me
FTA X 108 Shanghai Lil Featuring Perri Halevy Groove Boy (Come To Lotus Land)
FTA X 109 The Flirtations Get Up (Come On Over)
FTA X 110 Paul Parker Time After Time / Don't Play With Fire (Full Length Version)
FTA X 111 Kit Rolfe One More Hurt
FTA X 112 Marianna Feels Like A Dream
FTA X 113 Paul Parker Ready Or Not / Time After Time (Remix)
1987 FTA X 114 The Midnight Shift Tunnel Vision  
  FTA X 115 Kevin Power In Search Of Love  
1988 FTA X 116 Robin Wright Give Me Back My Heart  
  FTA X 117 The Midnight Shift Take My Love Tonight  
1985 FTSP 1 Debbie Jacobs Featuring Jo-Lo / Marianna In The Heat Of The Night / The Big Hurt (Remix)  
1987 FTSP 2 Kit Rolfe / Marianna One More Hurt / Feels Like A Dream